Story about the origin of coffee.....

The Myth of Shepherd

The Myth of Shepherd was originated from a highland in Ethiopia since 1500 B.C.

In a normal evening, the shepherd, Kaldi, was grazing his sheep herd. He realized that his sheep that ate a red-berry like fruit became unusually active and energetic. Kaldi was very curious on this phenomenon and tried the red-berry like fruit himself. Immediately, something amazingly happened, not only surprised by the special taste, he felt energetic and vigorous. The shepherd, Kaldi, he realized that he found something special and useful, caffeine, and took this special fruit back to his tribe’s elders. Moreover, caffeine has been widely used for medical treatment. Afterwards, nearby religious people help promoting this kind of amazing fruit to the world, therefore, coffee became more and more popular in the world. The world journey of coffee plant began from this point.

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