Get to know the coffee in front of you (I)

What defines an attractive cup of coffee?

High quality of coffee beans?

Great technique of brewing skill?

Do you sometimes get confused by those expert terms mentioned by your friends?

In this article, we are going to discuss what makes a decent cup of coffee. In Taiwan, drinking coffee has gradually became part of people’s lives. Many people like to self-brew coffee at home not only just for their habits but also to chase making better quality of coffee.

If you love self-brewing coffee at home, the first step you must do is to pick coffee beans with strict standard. A chief with extraordinary cooking skills cannot turn a spoiled fish into delicacy dish. There are two main characteristics guides you how to choose your coffee beans, "Aroma" and "Flavor".

High quality coffee beans would preserve the aroma and flavor as much as possible until they been brewed. The aroma and flavor are generated when raw coffee beans are being roasted.

During roasting process, the water and volume of coffee beans will gradually decrease and increase, which make the weight and color of the coffee beans become lighter and darker. The flavor of the roasted coffee beans will softly spread into your nose.

In addition, the chlorogenic acid, which is one of the elements originated in raw coffee beans, will become less as roasting process becomes longer. Therefore, with less time the coffee beans are being roasted, the more sourness there will be in the coffee.

To begin the journey of self-brewing coffee, the first question is to face whether coffee beans should be grinded or not when purchasing. Fabian Coffee suggests that people should not grind coffee beans unless you'll finish your coffee in a short period of time. As previously mentioned, the flavor of coffee beans is generated during roasting process. Grinding coffee beans will enhance the flavor spreading into the air due to more surface area exposing to the air.

If the coffee powder has already kept for a period of time, the coffee made by these coffee powder would not be as flavorful as the one made by using fresh grinded coffee beans.

On the other side, there' also an advantage of storing coffee powder. The only advantage is its convenience. It saves your time grinding coffee beans during rush hour while you could still enjoy a good cup of coffee. Will you keep an eye on the “Best Before Date” of coffee? “Best Before Date” is not same as “Expiration Date”. Manufacture date is the focus point, because the “Best Before Date” of Fabian’s coffee is three months after the manufacture date, and the “Expiration Date” of Fabian’s coffee is one year after the manufacture date. Remember to finish the coffee before the “Best Before Date” so that you can taste the freshest Fabian coffee!

Get ready for the next chapter, Get to know the coffee in front of you (II).

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