Get to know the coffee in front of you (II)

Today, we are going to introduce different types of coffee beans. There are over 100 types of coffee beans existed in the world, in which the most common seen ones are Arabica, Robusta and Liberica.

Coffee Arabica

Arabica coffee bean is recognized as the “Premium Coffee Bean” by the majority, regard as the most popular one among the coffee beans. The origin of Arabica coffee beans were from Ethiopia, being traded from Arabian Peninsula to Europe, Arabica has gradually become widely known in Europe. The tree of Arabica is not tall, its leaves looks like slender and the fruits are like small oval shape. Arabica has distinct flavor, attractive aroma and obvious acidity. Although its cost of production is high and ability of resistance to pest is limited, Arabica is still the most yielded coffee bean in the world due to its high commercial value.

Coffee Robusta

Robusta coffee beans are traded from Congo to the Central Africa. Comparing to Arabica, Robusta has relatively better survivability due to better ability of resistance to pest. Although the commercial price of Robusta beans are lower than the Arabica beans, most customers still prefer Arabica to Robusta, because that the flavor and aroma of Arabica are better and the caffeine in Robusta is double than Arabica.. Because of its cheap price, Robusta coffee beans are commonly used in making instant coffee.

Coffee Liberica

The origin of Liberica is from the western part of Africa. Although Liberica is not hard to produce, but due to the fact that the flavor and aroma of Liberia are relatively non-preferable and its ability of resistance to pest is weak, its yield has become gradually reduced in the world. Therefore, there are less people prefer Liberica coffee beans than others .

It's the end of our post for introducing the main three coffee beans that people would like to know.

The next post will focus on how to choose your own coffee beans by following some easy tips!

See ya!

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