No clues for your drip bag coffee? Here are some tips you must know

Step 1:Get all things settle down

You should prepare:1. A pack of Fabian's Drip bag coffee,

2. Your favorite mug

3. 90 ~ 95°C (194 ~ 203°F) Hot water for 200 ~250ml.

Be careful, don't scald yourself.

Step 2:

Gently tear the package of the drip bag coffee and hang it on the middle of your mug, do not split out any coffee powder.

Step 3:Bloom it

Set the center of the coffee powder as the starting point. Use swan neck kettle to gently and evenly circle water inside out to the coffee powder until all the coffee powder are immersed. The step generally takes about 20 to 25 seconds. You're almost done!!

Step 4:

Initial pouring takes about 60% of the overall amount of water. Second pouring takes about 30% of the overall amount of water. Final pouring takes about 10% of the overall amount of water.

Step 5:Carefully take out the drip bag, and your decent coffee is well done! Cheers!

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