Why drip bag coffee is so popular, the truth behind drip bag coffee.

"Drip bag coffee" or so called "Filter coffee"

Introduction of drip bag coffee

Drip bag coffee was invented from a creative country called Japan, which is nearby Taiwan.

In the early 90s, a company called "Yamanaka service" in Japan wants to combine tea bag and coffee, so the first drip bag coffee was invented. However, the drip bag they designed sometime lose balance and drops into the cup. In 1998, a company called "OHKI create opportunities" reform the previous drip bag by extending the ear beside, this little adjustment solved many problem and inconvenience. From that day on, more and more people use drip bag coffee to replace the huge coffee machine in their home.Also, drip bag coffee no doubt brings convenient for busy workers. No fancy or technical coffee making equipment is needed to make a decent cup of coffee from drip bag coffee. A swan neck kettle with 90°C~96°C hot water will perfectly do the work. With new technical invention of packaging technique, nitrogen is used in each drip bag coffee package to prevent oxidization, which maintains high quality of the coffee. Drip bag coffee is not only an elegant symbol but also a trend that more and more people follows. Everyone deserves to enjoy a decent cup of coffee made by drip bag coffee~

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