Why people need coffee so much?(I)

The reason that you should drink more coffee (Part I)

1. Drinking coffee makes your body more energetic and makes your brain clearer.

Sugared coffee makes your mind functions clearly in a period of time due to the energization of the brain by the chemical reaction of caffeine and glucose.

After drinking coffee, caffeine will be absorbed into blood stream and transported to the brain. This helps to block adenosine and inhibit neurotransmitters, which will make your memorization clear and emotion stable.

“Adenosine” is a complex compound in human body responsible for energy transmission and stimulation of cell signalization. Adenosine is also an important biological factor for cardiovascular, neural and respiratory systems. Overdose of adenosine could affect sleep quality and cause respiratory symptoms, chest tightness and low blood pressure.

2. Drinking coffee contributes to fat burning.

Many studies have shown that chlorogenic acid can speed up metabolism, which can help to lose weight and effectively prevent obesity. Since chlorogenic acid has low thermoresistance, as temperature increases during roasting process of coffee beans, chlorogenic acid in the coffee beans will decrease.

Consequently, the amount of chlorogenic acid will be higher in light-roasted coffee beans than deep-roasted coffee beans. Drinking light-roasted coffee can contribute to maintain good body shape in a long run.

3. Drinking coffee enhances physical strength.

Caffeine in coffee can stimulate the central nervous system. This stimulation induces production of epinephrine. Epinephrine speeds up your heartbeat, increases your blood pressure and opens your respiratory tract.

Therefore, drinking a cup of coffee half hour before you going to the gym can effectively increases your work out performance.

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